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On July 2nd, 2000 Mexico underwent its largest internal transformation since the end of the revolution in 1917-1920. This time however, change was achieved throught peaceful and democratic means, although at no small cost. Since 1994 this page was dedicated to the pursuit of such democratic change. As this transition has been achieved, the focus of this page must change.

The papers collected here used to reflect the experiences gained over sixteen long years of personal political work. Their new focus will reflect the effects democratic change, its possible avenues, and its potential outcome.

We hope readers will continue to find this forum as useful as in the past. I would like to hear your comments and suggestions about this page.

The following is a repository of documents and statistics of relevance to the current political discussion. Many viewpoints are represented in them. Contributions are welcome. You may consult the archive for older articles.

Note: This archive is for academic purposes and scholarly research only. Most of the materials in this page are copyright of the authors or publisher and can only be distributed under very limited circumstances. If in doubt contact the author/publisher directly. Furthermore, this compilation of articles is Copyright (C), Alex Lopez-Ortiz, 1994-2001 and cannot be printed, mirrored or otherwise reproduced without my explicit written consent. However feel free to reference (link to) this page

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