ISG hires many ISAs each term from a variety of faculties and programs. All ISA positions are for full-time temporary employment - 35 hours per week, for four months. Recruiting is done through Co-operative Education and Career Services. Interested co-op students should apply through WaterlooWorks.

There are no part-time marker or UTA (undergraduate teaching assistant) positions available within ISG. People interested in part-time work should consider applying for a Math Faculty teaching assistantship.

Hiring process and timing

Hiring for a particular term generally commences 5 months in advance. At that time, the number of positions available is determined, and offers are made to any current employees who wish to return for the next work term. Any unfilled positions are then advertised through Co-op Education and Career Services approximately 4 months in advance.

I'm not in co-op, can I still apply?

We are currently under a directive to hire only co-op students for all temporary positions on campus. In any case, ISG believes it is important to support the co-op program. Rarely, non-co-op students are considered for full-time employment if qualified co-op students are not found; a decision to accept such applications is made on an individual basis by the Instructional Support Coordinator for that course (see ISC course assignment for details). These candidates will be interviewed and ranked together with the co-op students applying for the same job. Therefore, any non-co-op applicants must be aware of the timing of the hiring process as described above.