Information for

ISG services to instructors

Information about the CS courses supported by ISG, ISCs' roles, what an ISC can help you with, how to get start working with your ISC, what other course personnel you will have and what they do, ISG general services, and where to find past course materials.

Nurturing an inclusive community in computing

Actionable advice on how instructors and teaching assistants can create an inclusive learning environment that promotes the participation and sense of belongingness of all students

Sessional instructor basics

Information about useful web pages, override forms, admin staff, ordering textbooks, and technical support

ISG guidelines for sessionals

Outlines of primary tasks for sessional instructors teaching a CS course supported by ISG, together with the involvement of the course ISC and ISAs to explain the current practice of instructional support

Teaching Assistant (TA) duties and performance management

Information about TA duties and expectations, TA performance management, and TA grievance

Working with TAs

Facts you should be aware of and tips for managing TAs

Dealing with cheating cases

Procedures and policies for processing cheating cases

Dealing with INC

How to deal with INC requests, based on the experiences of ISG