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Transfers to the BBA/BCS program

This page is for students currently enrolled at Waterloo or Laurier. For other prospective students, visit the double degree information page.

Transfers from BBA/BMath

If you are currently enrolled in the BBA/BMath program, you must meet the same requirements for transferring from Math to CS. If you are interested in transferring, contact the BBA/BCS academic advisor.

Eligibility for Waterloo students

In addition to BBA/BMath students (see above), we are currently only accepting transfer requests from students in the BCS, BMath(CS) or Computing and Financial Management (CFM) programs.

If you are in another program, you must be eligible to successfully transfer into one of the aforementioned programs. Note: Students that are not already in a co-op program will also have to meet the standards required to transfer from regular to co-op.

Eligibility for Laurier students

We are currently only accepting transfer requests from students already in a BBA program that have completed at least MATH 135 and CS 135 at Waterloo with a grade of at least 80 in each course during a term with a full course load (i.e., five courses).
To enrol in these courses, you will need to have a Laurier cross-registration form filled out by the BBA/BCS academic advisor. Note that CS 135 is not offered in the spring term.
If you are an incoming BBA student interested in transferring, it is best to complete your fall terms as scheduled, and then add MATH 135 and CS 135 in the winter term.

UWaterloo/WLU joint approval

Applications will be evaluated by and must be approved by both UWaterloo and WLU. Applicants that have completed most or all of the following courses are more likely to be successful:

CS 135, CS 136, BUS 111W, BUS 121W, MATH 135, MATH 137, ECON 101 (or 120W) and ECON 102 (or 140W).
The number of transfer students who will be accepted will be very limited. There is no fixed threshold (e.g., grades) that ensures that the transfer will be accepted. The application will be judged as a whole. Successful transfers typically have an overall average above 80 and grades in their individual CS/BUS courses above 80.

How to apply

Transfers are reviewed at the end of April and applications should be received before April 25. Transfers may be considered at the end of December or August in special circumstances.
Submitting a request for transfer into the BBA/BCS will be done by sending the following information to
Your UWaterloo ID number
Your name
If desired, you may also include an additional statement (no more than 200 words) to provide any critical clarifications. This is intended to cover exceptional circumstances or conditions. Students who do not include an additional statement will not in any way be disadvantaged in their consideration for a transfer.