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Transfer into BBA/BCS Double Degree

The BBA/BCS Double Degree program is direct-entry only. Students interested in this program must apply (or reapply if already a current UW student) as outlined in our "Future Undergraduates: Apply|Admissions" page. 

However, students already in the BBA/BMath Double Degree program can change their BMath into BCS transfering into CS. More information can be found on the transfer to CS page.

Transfer out of BBA/BCS Double Degree 

First, discuss your plan to transfer to BCS single degree with the BBA/BCS DD advisor to confirm whether this is the right decision for you. Note that returning to BBA/BCS from BCS single degree is not possible after the paperwork has been processed. Please contact us if you have any questions on the transfer process.

UW-based BBA/BCS transferring to BCS single degree co-op

  • Who: UW-based BBA/BCS students
  • How: If you would like to switch from BBA/BCS to BCS single degree, then please complete a plan modification form and send it back to the BBA/BCS DD advisors.
  • When: The add deadline is the cutoff date for a transfer being effective during the current term. After the add deadline, the transfer can only take effect at the start of the next term. Ignore the dates otherwise noted on the plan mod form.
  • Co-op: As a UW-based student, you can keep your co-op.

An example of how to complete a plan modification form to transfer from BBA/BCS to BCS.

Above is an example of a filled plan modification form for UW based DD students to transfer from BBA/BCS to BCS.

WLU based BBA/BCS transferring to BCS single degree regular or co-op

  • Who: WLU-based BBA/BCS students
  • How:
  • When: The deadline to complete the above form is the first day of the month before the start of the next term. 
    • December 1 (for winter term admission)
    • April 1 (for spring term admission)
    • August 1 (for fall term admission)
  • Co-op: As a WLU student, you will lose co-op by default. However, if you are in your 1B term (i.e.g, you have no more than 6.0 units completed, including transfer credits when applying), then can apply to UW coop at the same time as transfering to single degree BCS at UW. For more information on co-op and the application process, please go to the "transfering into co-op" page. Please be aware that applications to transfer to co-op are due on the last day of lectures each term and co-op is not guaranteed.