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Professional and Academic Development Resources

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The University of Waterloo offers several hands-on professional development resources and programs to all graduate students. If you are looking to strengthen your leadership skills or grow your ideas in one of our entrepreneurial environments, we have the tools available for you to succeed both academically and professionally.


Are you interested in calling the shots as your own boss? Do you have a great idea for a new product, service, or business? The University of Waterloo can help you with the tools and resources that you need to succeed and see your entrepreneurship ideas through.

Did you know? Waterloo's unique Intellectual Property (IP) policy means that everything that you create is yours to keep. The university takes no royalties. You're free to dream as big as you like. Find more info online.


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A graduate degree in computer science can open many doors and provide opportunities for your future in both industry and research. With a master's and/or PhD, you can command a larger salary, work in management, and/or work on higher-level projects.

Find out what our graduate students are doing with their degrees.

Master of Math (MMath)
Position Company
3D software developer Side Effects Software
IT consultant CGI
Research scientist Google
Senior data science engineer Flipp
Program manager Microsoft
Software development manager Loblaw Digital
Senior software engineer and technical team lead EclipseSource
Assistant professor Université de Montréal
Director Platform and Systems at 500px
Position Company
Postdoctoral fellow University of Saskatchewan
Engagement and growth officer Engage N' Grow
Chief technology officer VoteBlast Inc.
Manager, methodology and research Scotiabank
Software engineer SAP HANA Research and Development
Postdoctoral researcher University of Guelph
Verification engineer Apple Inc.
Records management consultant University of Waterloo

Employment opportunities

With over 1,800 technology companies, the Region of Waterloo is a hub for innovation. See the full listing of technology companies in the area at BrainStation and find the job that's right for you.