Please ensure you contact both your supervisor and your graduate coordinator for any updates and changes to your program.

Person Responsibilities

Khuzaima Daudjee
Director of Graduate Studies

Chair of CS Graduate Committee, scholarships, approvals for supervisors, thesis readers, extensions of program time limit, degree requirements, Comprehensive-1 requirements.
Please channel inquiries through the CS Graduate Supervisor.

Shane McIntosh
Associate Director of Graduate Studies

Director of Graduate Admissions, entrance scholarships.
Inquiries can be directed to the CS Grad Office

Your supervisor

Advice on program requirements and course selection, certification of thesis or essay, RA funding support.

Denise Shantz
Graduate Studies Manager
DC 2628

Supervises the CS Graduate Office. Oversees CS graduate web pages, CS Graduate Calendar, administers internal scholarships and oversees NSERC and OGS/QE2 applications. 

Greg McTavish                                               Administrative Coordinator
DC 2114

School's keys and fobs, and graduate office space, equipment and furniture. Routine office inspections for safety issues.

Nadine Zinger
Graduate Coordinator, PhD Program
DC 2599C

Public posting of PhD seminars and thesis defences. PhD degree completion and convocation. Student letters for PhD programs. Term program extensions.

Nadine Zinger and Carly McLeod
Graduate Coordinators, Funding
DC 2599A

GRS funding

Carly McLeod
Graduate Coordinator, Masters Program
DC 2599B
Public posting of Masters seminars and thesis defences. Masters degree completion and convocation. Student letters for Masters programs. Term program extensions.
Tara Haghighi
Graduate Coordinator, TA
DC 2599D
TA buyouts, TA units, TA payroll
Amy Todd
Graduate Coordinator, Admissions
DC 2599A
Specific admissions quesitons and help. Scheduling of CS graduate courses. Cheriton School of Computer Science website updates. 

Computer Science Grad Office
General admission inquiries/questions

Master's Thesis/Coursework Program

DC 2599

General admission requirments. General questions regarding the school of Computer Science. Form submissions. 

Graduate orientation, annual progress reports, student letters for Master's research program. Public posting of master's thesis presentations. Master's research degree completions and convocation. Assists with annual NSERC/OGS/QE2 competitions. 

Student letters for Master's coursework program, course enrolment and permission numbers. Master's coursework degree completions and convocation.

Kimberley Beckman
School Receptionist
DC 2326

School of Computer Science reception and general inquiries. 

Richard Trefler
Coursework Advisor
DC 2344                                    

Advisor for MMath Coursework and MHI programs; academic requirements for these programs.

Kate Larson and Craig Kaplan
Graduate Advocates
DC 2518 and DC 2110

Advocate for graduate students who feel they are not being treated fairly; neutral third party for advice.

Shoshannah Holdom
ISG Manager
MC 4016

TA training. For TA course supervision see the following web site:

CS Undergraduate Advisors

Bertrand Guenin

Associate Dean Graduate Studies Faculty of Mathematics                             

Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Mathematics
Chair of Math Faculty Graduate Affairs Committee; student appeals; approval of extension of time limit; academic discipline.

Grant Weddell
DC 3119

Student Advisor for MMath ConGESE Program.

Mojtaba Valipour
CS-GSA President
DC 2553

CS graduate student association representative, academic issues and policies that affect students, quality of student life, social events.

Math Graduate Student Association

Kim Tremblay
Math Grad Office
MC 5090

PhD and MMath Thesis display; PhD thesis defense.

CSCF Help Desk                
DC 2608

Lori Paniak
DC 2622

Computer problems.

Mark Giesbrecht
Math Dean
MC 5210

International Student Resources
Student Success office
South Campus Hall

International student business, quality of life for international students.

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs
NH 2201

Graduate policies and procedures, graduate registrar, registration issues, student visa issues, bursary funding, thesis formatting, graduate studies administration, and convocation. More

Dr. Jeff Casello
Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs

Represents the interests and policies of Graduate Studies at Waterloo.

Matt Erikson
Director of Conflict Management and Human Rights

Legal problems, conflict resolution.