Funding for graduate students

The Cheriton School of Computer Science offers competitive funding for our graduate students. Financial support for students accepted into a full-time MMath or PhD program is typically a combination of graduate teaching assistantships (TA)* and graduate research assistantships/studentships (GRA/GRS). The TA and GRA/GRS funding is our students base pay and all full-time MMath and PhD students are further considered for an array of scholarships and awards during the offer of admission process, many of which are listed below. For full details please review awards and funding for graduate students. 

MMath students are only guaranteed funding in their first year of studies as noted in their offer of admission. However, full-time students in the MMath and PhD programs may continue to receive funding while they are within their program time limits and in good academic standing and have satisfactory progress in their program. Financial support is not offered to part-time students or to students in the MMath coursework option. Students also do not receive funding in terms they are inactive. 

Students receiving TA and GRA/GRS funding currently receive the following amount within 3 terms (1 year).

Plan Amount  Amount - Students admitted as of Fall 2021 & onwards

$25,596 Domestic students

$29,859 International students

$28,596 Domestic students

$32,859 International students


$27,474 Domestic students

$27,393 International students

$30,474 Domestic students

$30,393 International students

Current student can view a breakdown of the funding on a per term basis here

* some exceptions may apply

Awards and scholarships

Applicants of exceptional merit are automatically considered for a limited number of internal entrance scholarships at the time of admission. Eligible students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships. For a full listing please review the Graduate funding & awards database.  

Internal scholarships & funding opportunities

Some do not require a formal application, as they are handled at the discretion of the School Graduate Office,  all applicants are considered at the time of admission. 

External awards

The following external awards  are available to students at the University of Waterloo. All eligible students are encouraged to apply. Please contact the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator, that manages scholarships, for more detailed information.

Other funding opportunities

For other funding opportunities to graduate students, such as the Graduate Student Parental Leave Bursary and Graduate Student Medical Leave Bursary, please see the financial need funding page.