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Computers, programming, coding, math, algorithms, and software Software developer, data scientist, or software engineer Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)
Computers, programming, math, business, marketing, finance, management, and economics Program manager, business analyst, or software engineer Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Computer Science - double degree (BBA/BCS)
Computers, programming, math, financial markets, equity investments, and financial technology Investment analyst, financial software developer, or financial analyst Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management (BCFM)
Computers, programming, math, hardware, building, and modular systems Software engineer, web development engineer, or software developer Bachelor of Software Engineering

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Bachelor of Computer Science

At one of the world’s best schools for computer science, you'll develop a broad understanding in areas such as systems and networks, algorithms, and programming. Using a combination of theory and application, you will learn how to describe problems in a formal, precise way so that machines can solve them. You will also learn about managing large scale programs, and about understanding the power, limitations, and organization of computer software and hardware. Previous knowledge of computer science is not necessary for admission as our program starts from the ground up.

  • Available as co-op or regular
Co-op Regular
  • 5-year program
  • Up to 2 years of paid work experience
  • Graduate with less debt and have a competitive advantage in the job market
  • 4-year program
  • Summers off to work, travel, or take on entrepreneurial adventures
  • Enter the full-time work force earlier OR pursue graduate studies earlier

Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management

Computing and Financial Management (CFM) is the only program of-its-kind in Canada that allows you to study two majors in computer science and finance and combine that with two years of real-world co-op experience. Develop the know-how, networks, and experience to land a career in computer science or finance – or both. Combine your interdisciplinary studies with six co-op work terms in areas such as software development, banking, investments, risk management, or insurance to set yourself apart in a competitive marketplace. Previous knowledge of computer science is not necessary for admission.

  • Available as a co-op program only

Our alumni boast impressive careers in at world-renowned employers, from working in Strategic Partnerships and Google to being a Software Engineering at LinkedIn. Learn more about our CFM alumni and their careers.

Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Computer Science - Double-degree

Double down on your love of technology, computer science, and business. In this unique program, you’ll get two prestigious degrees and two sets of skills in high demand. Previous knowledge of computer science is not necessary for admission.

  • Available as co-op only

From the University of Waterloo you will earn a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) from the only dedicated Faculty of Math in North America where you will learn about computer programming, data structures, algorithms, and software engineering. From Wilfrid Laurier University you will get a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and equip yourself for an impressive career by mastering finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behaviour, business communication, law, human resource management, and business policy.

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Do you love programming, algorithms, and software, but also want to study hardware systems and build human-computer interfaces while learning how to work collaboratively in open-ended design challenges? If so, Software Engineering is the program for you. In Software Engineering you will learn the applications of math, engineering, and science to software development while studying from world-renowned faculty members from Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Experience in developing well-structured, modular programs is required for admission.

  • Available as co-op only

Whether you want to create a VR training program for surgeons, the next innovative OS, or tomorrow’s fleet of autonomous vehicles, software engineers have endless career options in today’s tech-enabled world.

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