We offer five degree programs to suit your needs and interests.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you find a program that's right for you based on what you want to study!

I have an interest in.... Recommended program
Computers, programming/coding, math, algorithms, software Computer Science (BCS/BMath)
Computer science and business, finance, accounting, marketing

Business Administration and Computer Science - double degree (BBA/BCS)

Computing and Financial Management (BCFM)
Computer Science + hardware, building, and modular systems Software Engineering (BSE)


All of computer science programs are accredited by the Canadian Association of I.T. Professionals (CIPS).

Our Software Engineering program is also recognized by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.


There are a wide variety of courses that you can choose from in both computer science and math to develop your knowledge in these areas.

A full listing of courses is available under "current undergraduates" including an outline of suggested course sequences.

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