The AIF is required for admission to all programs in the School of Computer Science.  

Admission Information Form (AIF)

The Faculty of Mathematics evaluates students based upon both grades and the Admission Information Form. We are looking for well-rounded students who have meaningful experiences outside of the classroom. The Faculty of Math considers for main categories of information: courses, non-academic activities, math contests, and other information.


  • Repeating courses or taking courses outside of regular day school may jeopardize your chances of admission. You should take all your courses in regular day school and do well in your first attempt. If there are any extenuating circumstances, you can include them in your AIF.
  • There is no penality for only taking the minimum number of courses required, but the ability to do more may improve your chances of admission.

Non-academic activities

  • We value well-rounded students. If you have been involved in clubs, sports, music, arts, leadership, volunteeristm, or employment, make sure to highlight this on your AIF. No activity is more important than the other. We're looking for students that excel both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Math contests

  • Contest participation is not required for admission, but writing contests can strengthen your application. Performing well on a contest can increase your chance of admission, but performing poorly will not negatively impact your application. We encourage students to challenge themselves and would not penalize students for doing so. Writing a contest will be seen as a benefit to your application regardless of the score received.
  • Students applying to Computer Science are also encouraged to write the Canadian Computing Competition. While not required for admission, writing the contest is seen as a benefit for your application.
  • Participation in the Euclid and/or CSMC is a mandatory component for consideration for Faculty of Mathematics entrance scholarships. You are welcome to write both contests if you wish, however, if you choose to only one they are both considered equally.

Other information

If there is other information you think we should know (e.g., any personal or extenuating circumstances), then please include this on the form.


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  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Business Administration
  • Computing and Financial Management
  • Software Engineering
February 18, 2022

How to submit your AIF

Steps What you will need to do
Create an account 

Create an account in Quest, our online student information system.

Complete the AIF

Once you have a Quest account, you can log in and complete the questions before the AIF deadline.

Be sure to click <submit> on each page when completing your AIF in Quest.

  • We recommend preparing your answers in advance so that you can check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar before submitting.
  • Review common questions about the Admission Information Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find the answers to your questions about completing your AIF on the list of common questions on our common questions about the AIF webpage.

Information to help with questions related to references for the Faculty of Mathematics programs are available on our admission information form webpage.

Contact us

If you experience technical difficulties or have questions about your AIF, contact our application support team: