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Women in Computer Science

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Women in Computer Science (WICS) is dedicated to promoting women who are interested in studying computer science and who seek to pursue careers in computing. Specifically, the mandate of the committee is:

  • To build an environment in the School of Computer Science where women are supported in their work and studies.
  • To ensure that young women entering university see computer science as an option.
  • To connect to outside organizations and events for women in computer science.

Check out our 2016-2017 activities!

Scholarships and bursaries

Check out the growing list of scholarships and bursaries that are aimed specifically at women who are studying computer science.

WiCS Undergrad Committee

WiCS has a very active undergrad committee that runs a number of events throughout the year, including the Big CSters Mentoring program, technical workshops, a speaker series, and panels and discussions about diversity in computer science and STEM.

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Our commitment to gender equality - Read our report

Why join WICS?

Gatherings and events that include lots of other women in CS creates a supportive atmosphere.

- Sharon, PhD candidate