Academic advising

What is Academic Advising?

The Computer Science advisors are here to make your experience at the Cheriton School of Computer Science rewarding. We are here to support students with, but not limited to: 

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Program Specific Advisors

Double Degree Advising

For all inquires relating to BBA/BCS Double Degree program, including academic advising and program information. Please contact your advisors by email or during their office hours

Computing and Financial Management (CFM) Advising

For all inquires relating to Computing and Financial Management (CFM), including academic advising and program information, please contact the Computing and Financial Management Program Manager by email. Please ensure that you include your full name and student number in your email.

Before you see us...

Below are some of our most frequented pages on the website that many students have reported to be helpful when it comes to planning their degree. 

Before coming to see us, you are encouraged to explore our website and see what type of information you can find online! We would be much happier to answer questions relating to information that you found online and how it relates to your personal experience.

Be sure to visit our CS Advising FAQ for the most common questions and inquiries that we've heard from students. 

Who are your Computer Science academic advisors?

All academic advisors can provide guidance or clarification regarding:

  • academic programs / plans requirement,
  • course information / advice,
  • CS enrollments, including providing Department Consent during the Add/Drop period
  • support when navigating illness or extenuating circumstances.

Some advisors look after the following duties in particular:

Lead Advisor (Coordination of Advising) Brad Lushman
Web Content Maintenance Zahra Ahmed
Exchange Students Nomair Naeem

Contacting Advisors

There are several possibilities to contact CS advisors. In order of preference: 

  • Email us at Include your full name and student ID. Advisors strongly prefer that you email from email account. 
  • Drop by during office hours (either virtually or in-person)
  • Make an appointment, but only if you really can't make office hours or have a time-consuming situation. 

In general, the earlier you talk to us, the more options we have to help you. We enjoy helping students, but please do not make extra work for us by contacting several advisors or contacting us in several different ways. 

CS Advising Team

Computer Science (CS) advisors

Zahra Ahmed

Photo of Zahra Ahmed

Brad Lushman

Jessica Leung (on leave)

Jeff Avery

Nomair Naeem

photo of Nomair Naeem

Leili Rafiee Sevyeri

photo of Leili Rafiee Sevyeri

Carmen Bruni

Shoshannah Holdom

Mark Petrick

Double Degree (BBA/BCS) Advisors