Mental Health

Mental Health 

If you or anyone you know experiences academic stress, difficult life events, or feelings like anxiety or depression, we strongly encourage you to seek support.

On-campus Resources

Off-campus Resources 

  • Good2Talk (24/7) — A free confidential helpline for post-secondary students
    Call 1 (866) 925-5454
  • Here 24/7 — A mental health and crisis service team
    Call 1 (844) 437-3247


Counselling Services, NH 2401 (expansion) ext. 32655

Counselling Services is a team of professionals that provides programming and services to help you lead a healthy and balanced life.

Life Recovery Program - online resource

This online program aims at providing mental and behavioural health resources for students who need support outside of regular counselling hours and availability. The online tools provide support for adults to manage their depression, anxiety, and stress, and help them develop healthy life coping skills.

Panic, Anxiety and Stress Support (PASS) Kit

Order a PASS kit in preparation of your assignment deadlines, midterms, final exams and other times during the year that might prove more challenging in managing your stress.

UW MATES (Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support), inside Counselling Services, NH 2401 (expansion) ext. 32655

Counselling-based, one-to-one peer support program offered by the Federation of Students (FEDs) and Counselling Services.