Academic advising

Course drop-add for Spring 2019 is open!

Important: Courses have been scheduled based on pre-enrollment and you can drop/add courses in Quest. Please read the following as they might apply to you.

  • If you get a “department reserve” error when attempting to add a course, it’s likely that the course has a waiting list. You will not be able to add that course until the waiting list clears, around the start of the term.Waiting lists are only used to manage pre-registration, and we cannot add you to the waiting list. If you pre-registered for a course and didn’t get in, then you are already on the waiting list! If you didn’t pre-register, you will need to wait for the list to clear and department consent to be removed. You can find more information regarding the wait list here. The removal of department consent on a course will be posted on the CS Blog
  • We will not override you into any classes unless you meet the specific guidelines listed below (see special cases). We do not make exceptions to this rule!
  • Engineers who wish to take CS courses must wait until the second week of the term (May 13). See the full FAQ 78 for guidelines. 


Daily Office Hours - 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.

  • To get in line to see a CS Advisor, go to and log in. You'll get a "ticket" for your place in line.
  • Continue to monitor that page for your position in the virtual line. You can also sit on the chairs in front of the TV monitor near DC 2136 and watch for your number to come up on the screen under an advisor's image.
  • You will get a message saying that you're next in line. Wait outside the office when you receive this message.
  • The webpage will update with the name of the advisor you have been assigned to see. Go to the office and see that advisor.
  • If the line is full, you can try again the next business day. The line resets at 6 a.m. each morning.

Week of:






April 1-5 Jess Jess Jess Jess Brad
April 8-12 Carmen Jess Alice Jess Jess
April 15-19 Nomair Mark Mark Jeff Good Friday
(UW closed)
April 22-26 Jess Jess Nomair Jess Alice
April 29-30 Jess Jess      

CS advisors:

  • Brad Lushman   
  • Jeff Avery
  • Carmen Bruni
  • Alice Gao
  • Jessica Leung
  • Nomair Naeem
  • Mark Petrick
  • Collin Roberts
  • Dave Tompkins

Other advisors:

Responsibility, advisor Contact information
Exchanges and exchange students, Nomair Naeem

DC 3111
ext. 33884

Double degree BBA/BCS students, Collin Roberts

DC 3108
ext. 36598

Double degree BBA/BCS students, Dave Tompkins DC 3114
ext. 31359
CFM students,  Heather Steinmetz DC 2121
ext. 37033