The CS Advisors offer email as well as virtual and in-person office hours. For general inquiries, please go to our FAQ or contact us at If you have a more complicated case that requires a conversation, then please meet with us during our office hours.

Daily Office Hours

Office hours are from 2:00 PM-3:30 PM every weekday (additional office hours are offered from 9:30 AM-11:00 AM in the first weeks of classes only). For Spring, office hour will be offered in-person and online on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; Tuesdays and Fridays will be online only.

If you aren't a UW student or you are an alumni, then please leave your email in the ticket system under "Others" so that we may contact you. 

Virtual* Office Hours Instructions

  1. To get in line to see a CS Advisor virtually, go to our ticket system and log in to get a "ticket" for your place in line. Indicate that you would like to see an advisor virtually.
  2. Before office hours has begun, you can log in MS Teams using a browser or by downloading the mobile or desktop app. If using a browser, you may want to use Chrome as Safari and FireFox might have audio and feature issues.

  3. Log into MS teams using your (not your friendly address of After this, you should be taken to UW’s authentication site.
  4. Log in using your UW credential. The site will then take you to MS Teams.
  5. We will call you on MS Teams when it’s your turn.

*To meet with an advisor for the virtual office hours, you need access to a working webcam, microphone, a reliable internet connection, and that you are in a quiet location.  

In-Person Office Hours Instructions

  1. To get in line to see a CS Advisor in person, go to and log in to get a "ticket" for your place in line. Indicate that you would like to see an advisor in-person.
  2. Wait outside DC 2136 in the seating area to help us maintain student privacy before it's your turn.
  3. Monitor the TV at the seating area or your mobile device for your place in the line.
  4. Come into the office when it is your turn.

Academic Advising Schedule

Time Online +
Online +
Online +
Online only
Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
July 25-29 Brad†
Jeff† Marcia† Nomair‡
Aug 1-5 Civic Day
University closed
Jess‡ Brad† Brad (online only for today) Nomair‡
Aug 8-12 Jeff† Marcia‡ Marcia† Jess† Mark‡
Aug 15-19 CS Advising closed
Aug 22-26 CS Advising closed
Aug 29-31;
Sept 1-2
CS Advising closed CS Advising reopens

†in-person and online advising available

‡online advising only