cfm-students-studying-together What is Computing and Financial Management

The Computing and Financial Management (CFM) is the only program in Canada that will allow you to develop expertise in both computer science and finance by teaching you how to use technology to solve real-world problems and manage money.

The financial industry needs qualified professionals who understand complicated financial management concepts and know how to design and create software tools that get the job done. You'll graduate from CFM with a deep understanding of this impressive skill set to be successful in the workplace.

What You'll Learn

Computer science (CS) – CS will allow you to understand and explore programming, software, algorithms, and the limits of computation. Equipped with the right skill set and knowledge, you will have opportunities to further expand your expertise in areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Financial management – Finance is not just about numbers and trends, but also ways of thinking. With the CFM program, you will gain knowledge in the areas of accounting, taxation, quantitative finance, and much more. Learning financial management will provide you the technical, analytical, evaluative, and communication skills needed for any innovative industry you can think of. 

Co-op in CFM 

cfm-student-in-an-interviewLet's face it, in today's world, one of the main aspects an employee looks for in a candidate is their experience. By doing co-op in CFM, you will positively gain the experience and knowledge to help you succeed in any industry, whether it’s financial or non-financial. You will be required to satisfy five to six work terms over the course of your studies. Some examples of the co-op positions the CFM students tend to apply for includes, Web developer, IT Quality Assurance Assistant, Financial Reporting Analyst, and many more. 


So if you're still asking yourself why you should study CFM, here are 6 reasons why CFM is the most extensive, one-of-a-kind program: 

  • You will take balanced studies in both computer science and finance

  • You will obtain two years of co-op experience that will help in your career development 

  • You will get a head start on preparing your career for a professional designation 

  • You will earn the skills for full-time jobs that are in demand 

  • You will receive one-on-one support from a dedicated Program Manager

  • You will make lots of connections at our CFM events due to our small community of students

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Did you know?

The CFM program is a member of the CFA University Recognition Program.