Transfer to CS

Transferring to Computer Science (CS) or adding a joint CS program is a competitive process and there is a limited number of transfers allowed each term. Students will have to meet the minimum admission requirements and submit an online application for the opportunity to transfer to Computer Science. However, we anticipate that applications will be competitive and the admission averages will be greater than the minimum admission requirements. Current UW undergraduate students wishing to apply to CS or to add a CS Joint to their current program should review the following flow chart for your next steps. 

If you are transferring from outside of Math, then please also refer to the Math Internal Transfer page for more information. 

For CS, Software Engineering (SE) and BCS/BBA Double Degree students who are interested in transfering to CFM, please go to the CFM transfer site and speak to the program manager

Transfer processes for math and non-math students, and who they should contact for more information.

1: You can find a complete list of Academic Advisors in Math (including CS, Math Coop, Math Internal Transfer) here:
2: More information can be found on the Math Internal Transfer page.
3: Go to and complete the appropriate transfer form(s) for transfer to CS.
4: For non-Math students who want to add the joint CS program, complete the "Add Joint CS to an out-of-faculty plan" form in OAT. See "I would like to add a CS joint to my program. What do I do?" below for more information.
5: Go to to complete the University "Plan Modification or Internal/Faculty Transfer Application" form.