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Scholarships and awards

Grad student chatting in the lounge

The School of Computer Science and affiliated organizations offer a number of scholarships to its graduate students to help them fund their education. Scholarships are available at the local, provincial, and national level and are open to permanent residents and international students.

Funding opportunities

A full listing of scholarships is available under "current graduate students" and Waterloo "graduate studies" section.


  • Scholarships vary in monetary value and are awarded based on academic performance. Some scholarships require students to apply through a formal application process.
  • Funding is not available for students enrolled in our Master of Math coursework option

Teaching Assistantships

Gain valuable teaching experience with a paid teaching position. Information is available under our "current graduate students" page

Finance your education

Women in Computer Science scholarships and bursaries

Women in Computer Science can earn additional funding.

Did you know?

In fall 2005, David R. Cheriton, Waterloo Alumnus (PhD 78), donated a $25 million endowment to Waterloo's School of Computer Science to fund graduate scholarships, research chairs and faculty fellowships.

Graduate students hold scholarships valued at over $3.6 million annually from federal, provincial, industrial, international, and internal sources.