Spring 20​12

Jiewen Wu (CS 348)

Jiewen performed way beyond what could be expected of a CS 348 TA by consulting with students during and outside of office hours, managing all student grade recording as well as many other additional duties.

Tenn Francis Chen (CS 371)

Francis treated the students with respect and helped many of them to overcome some of their deficiencies as a TA in CS 371. He put in extra time beyond what is required of him to ensure the course ran smoothly.

Winter 2012

Alexander Szlavik (CS 350 IA)

Alex went above and beyond what is expected of a TA. He assisted the instructor with monitoring newsgroup questions at all hours, assisted other TAs with marking in order to get them back quickly and held a three hour review session before the final exam.

John Doucete (CS 492)

John went far beyond the call of duty in carrying out his TA duties in CS 492, showing considerable creativity, diligence, reliability and skill.

Fall 2011

James Summers (CS 350)

Jim was a very hard worker and showed a great deal of responsibility and concern for the success of CS 350 in fall term. Jim showed tremendous work ethic and helped make the course run smoothly.

Daniel Holtby (CS 116 IA)

Daniel has been an IA for CS 116 for several terms and his experience and knowledge was very beneficial to the course in fall 2011. Daniel provided clear and concise feedback to students and often went beyond the provided material to teach the concepts.

Spring 2011

John Champaign (CS 330)

John carried out his duties in CS 330 with great skill and reliability. He was always available, eager to assist, skillful in producing the required final products and diligent in ensuring that any loose ends were accounted for.

Qi Zhang (CS 456)

Qi coordinated the duties for all TAs involved in CS 456 providing them with guidance and making sure that everything was running smoothly as far as the students were concerned. Qi surpassed the duties of a TA in an excellent manner.

Winter 2011

Amir Vakili (CS 365, CS 360)

Amir was very enthused an dedicated as a TA in CS 365. He had complete master of the subject and was always punctual and responsible. In fall 2010 Amir was awesome to students and went above the call of duty as a TA in CS 365.

Fall 2010

Lin He (CS 475)

Lin was an excellent TA in CS 475. He attended every lecture and took it upon himself to devise marking schemes for assignments. He was always quick with marking and the quality of the marking was exceptional.