Title A Study on Sand Ripple Visualization
Authors Andy Yu, Gladimir V. G. Baranoski
Abstract This report presents a comprehensive study on the visualization of sand ripple phenomena, focusing on aeolian ripples rather than subaqueous ones. We begin with an overview of the phenomena and categorization of sand ripples, driven by fluid dynamics and granular physics. Pioneering approaches, from procedural texture generation to physically-based and real-time simulations, are examined. Our discussion presents a comparison of existing algorithms, highlighting their strengths and limitations. The report concludes with perspectives on future research directions, exploring the potential of deep learning and physically inspired methods.
Date January 15, 2024
Report CS-2024-01 (4.8 MB PDF)
Title A Study on Rendering Techniques to Visually Represent Sparkles
Authors Frank Fan, Gladimir V. G. Baranoski
Abstract Advances in rendering have allowed researchers to produce physically-based and realistic images of surfaces with a sparkly appearance. In this report, we provide a comprehensive survey that examines the phenomenon of sparkles and the different methods used to render them. We then highlight the current limitations of existing works and outline future research opportunities.
Date January 19, 2024
Report CS-2024-02 (16.8 MB PDF)