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2020 technical reports

Title Revisiting the SPLITS Model: Towards an Enhanced Implementation
Authors Mark Y. Iwanchyshyn, Bradley W. Kimmel and Gladimir V. G. Baranoski
Abstract The first-principles model known as SPLITS (SPectral LIght Transport model for Sand) was developed by the Natural Phenomenon Simulation Group (NPSG) at the University of Waterloo. This model has been employed in a wide range of investigations involving particulate materials. In this report, we present the refinements made to the model’s implementation and introduce its enhanced version.
Date February 23, 2020
Report CS-2020-01 (PDF)
Title An Engineering View of Regulating AI in Canada’s Financial Institutions
Authors Derek Rayside, Emily Huang and Ayush Kapur
Abstract An adaptation of NHTSA’s Proposed Voluntary Guidance for Autonomous Vehicles to the context of Canada’s financial institutions.
Date February 28, 2020
Report Cs-2020-02 (PDF)