CS4U Day

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What is CS4U Day?

CS4U Day is an annual event held by the Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. High school students, teachers, and families are welcome to join us for captivating lectures and interactive activities.


Registration for the CS4U Day 2021 live event is now closed, but the presentations can be viewed via the links below.

CS4U Day Presentations

CS Faculty Member Presentation Abstract

Rob Hackman (Lecturer)

Basics of Program Execution

Computers and the programs we use with them are ubiquitous to our everyday life - but how do they actually work? We will investigate the basic structure of how a computer is asked to perform tasks, and how programs written in our high-level programming languages are transformed into the basic instructions that computer hardware is built to understand.

Cameron Morland (Lecturer)

Fractals from Recursion and Iteration A fractal is a structure that contains smaller copies of itself.  This presentation will show how to create beautiful fractal images using surprisingly simple recursive definitions.  We will also see how to use complex numbers with iteration to create a different kind of fractals, including the famous Mandelbrot set and Newton fractals.

Professor Chengnian Sun

Engineering Reliable Software

Software has been a pervasive, indispensable part of our daily lives. It is critical to ensure the reliability of software, as any defect in software may cause severe damages, including but not limited to identity leak, financial loss and even personal injury. This presentation will cover the basic concept and importance of software reliability, as well as techniques and recent advances to improve software reliability.


Not applicable for 2021 event. 

Parking and directions

Not applicable for 2021 event. 


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