University of Waterloo COVID-19 update

Please see the University of Waterloo’s frequently asked questions for information about COVID-19 and how it has affected university operations.

Please visit the list of modified services if you have questions about university services.

Although the University of Waterloo is closed for in-person events until further notice, many virtual events and presentations of interest to computer scientists are taking place each week at the Cheriton School of Computer Science. Please check out what our students and faculty are doing.

ISC support

The primary role of Instructional Support Coordinators (ISCs) is to assist the instructor with his/her responsibilities, largely by managing the administrative aspects of running a course. An important secondary role is to provide continuity and consistency form term to term. Examples of administrative aspects that an ISC typically manages include:

  • Providing advice to course instructors, especially those who are new to the course or sessionals, regarding course specific practice (e.g. computing resources, past precedent and procedures) and university/faculty policies and procedures (e.g. retaining student assignments and exams, granting an INC grade).
  • Managing support staff, including hiring, training and supervising ISAs, IAs and TAs.
  • Liaising with CSCF for software application support (e.g. assignment submission/marking program, exam seating system)
  • Handling special situations, including discipline cases and exception requests (e.g. illness, exam conflict).
  • Coordinating course operation activities, e.g. regular course meetings, exam organization, including arranging for exam printing, assigning exam seats, arrangement with AccessAbility Services and organizing exam proctoring and marking.
  • Grade management, e.g. maintenance, archiving, submission and revision.

In additional to the instructional support, ISCs also teach CS courses.