CS prof speaking to first-year CS students at the CS Welcome Event

Welcome first-year Computer Science students!

Computer science is the study of information, which includes its nature, properties, structure, and classification. In this field, students will explore how to store, retrieve, and process information by building programs, developing software, designing algorithms, etc. to manage large scale problems. Since computer science stems from mathematics, Computer Science students will require a strong background in mathematics to prepare them for a successful career. For this reason, first-year students in Computer Science take a common set of first-year Faculty of Mathematics core courses.

1A (First year, first term) 1B (First year, second term)
  1. CS 115 or 135* - Introduction to Computer Science 1 or Designing Functional Programs 
  2. MATH 135* - Algebra
  3. MATH 137* - Calculus 1
  4. One communication skills course
  5. One elective
  1. CS 116 or 136* - Introduction to Computer Science 2 or Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction
    • CS136L (if taking CS136) - Tools and Techniques for Software Development
  2. MATH 136* - Linear Algebra 1
  3. MATH 138* - Calculus 2
  4. One elective
  5. One elective
*Useful tip: you can choose advanced-stream courses for computer science, algebra, calculus, and if you meet their requirements. 

As a first year CS student, we recommend that you should review the following to set yourself up for success:

  1. The first-year Math students webpage - Perfect for brand new Math/CS students, this page has everything you may want to know regarding course selection/enrollment for first year, MTHEL 99, transfer credits, etc.
  2. First-year frequently asked questions - Have a question? Take a look in our FAQ as we might already have an answer for you. 
  3. Our "Welcome to CS Advising" video - Walks you through everything you need to know about our CS pages and how to find information.
  4. Make life-long friends by connecting with the Computer Science Club and/or the Women in Computer Science (WiCS).

After first year and beyond

After first year and beyond, the below buttons will help you to continue preparing your success in CS: