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Winter 2020 Course Offerings TENTATIVE

Instructor Area Recommended Background Course Number

Course Title

TBA     631 Data -Intensive Dist. Analytics
TBA     636 Intro. To Networks & Distr Syst
TBA PLG   642 Principals of Prog Language
TBA PLG   644 Compiler Construction
TBA SE   645 Software Req Specif & Analysis
TBA     646 Software Design, Architectures
TBA SE   647 Software Test/Qual Assur/Maint
TBA DB   648 Database System Implementation
TBA Systems   650 Computer Architecture
TBA Systems   651 Data-Intensive Distrib Comput
TBA Systems   654 - 001 Distributed Systems
TBA Systems   654 - 002 Distributed Systems
TBA Systems   656 - 001 Computer Networks
TBA Systems   656 - 002 Computer Networks
TBA Systems   658 - 001 Computer Security and Privacy
TBA Systems   658 - 002 Computer Security and Privacy
TBA ALG   662 Formal Languages & Parsing
TBA SCICOM   676 Num Comp for Fin Modeling
TBA COMPSTAT   680 - 001 Intro to Machine Learning
TBA COMPSTAT   680 - 002 Intro to Machine Learning
TBA BIOINF   682 Comp Tech: Biol Sequience Anal
TBA COMPSTAT   685 Machine Learning
TBA AI   686 - 001 Intro Artificial Intelligence
TBA AI   686 - 002 Intro Artificial Intelligence
TBA     687 Intro to Symbolic Computation
TBA GRAPH   688 Intro to Computer Graphics
TBA     698 - 001 Computational Audio
TBA     698 - 002 Neural Networks
O. Lhotak PLG Open background 744 Advanced Compiler Design
S. Mann SSC linear algebra and a reasonable level of comfort with mathematics 779 Splines and Their Use in Computer Graphics
H. Chen     792 - 001 Data Structures and Standards
H. Chen     792 - 081 Data Structures and Standards
R. Boutaba HS Knowledge of computer networking is preferred 798 - 001 Advanced Network Architectures
R. Boutaba HS Knowledge of computer networking is preferred 798 - 002 Network Softwarization 
C. Sun SE Open background  846 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: 
G. Cormack DB   848 - 001 Information Retrieval Research Topics
S. Salihoglu DB Open background 848 - 002 Graph Data Management
I. Ilyas DB   848 - 003 Machine Learning for Data Cleaning
A. Mashtizadeh     854  Operating Systems Seminar
Y. Aafer AC Basic background in operating systems is assumed. Prior security background is helpful but not necessary 858 Topics on Mobile Platform Security
J. Shallit AC General familiarity with undergraduate number theory, combinatorics, and automata theory will be helpful, but is not required 860 - 001 Automatic Sequences
E. Blais AC    860 - 002 Concentration Inequalities in Computer Science
S. Ben-David AI Background in CS theory and some basic previous exposure to machine learning 886 - 001 Interpretability and safe of machine learning based decision making tools
M. Li AI   886 - 002 Is Deep Learning right for NLP?
J. Zhao GUI Open background 889 - 001 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction: Information Visualization
E. Law GUI   889 - 002 Conversational Agents
G. Baranoski   Open background 898 On the Synergy between CS and Biology