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News archive - April 2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Code is not the only king in open source projects

photo of Alex Yun and Professors Jesse Hoey and Meiyappan Nagappan

In open source software repositories such as GitHub — an online platform for software development where developers store their projects and collaborate with other developers — the quality of a coder’s technical contributions is undoubtedly important. Such communities have long seen themselves as meritocracies where code is king and decisions are based solely on technical excellence.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Lila Kari and her colleagues use machine learning-based analysis to quickly classify novel pathogens such as the COVID-19 virus

photo of Professor Lila Kari

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at Waterloo’s Cheriton School of Computer Science and Western University has developed a computational method that within minutes can identify and classify viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, the respiratory pathogen responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Priyank Jaini wins second place in the Mathematics Doctoral Prize competition

photo of Priyank Jaini

Recent PhD graduate Priyank Jaini has been awarded second place in the Faculty of Mathematics Doctoral Prize competition. Now in its second year, these prizes are awarded annually to recognize the achievements of top graduating doctoral students in the Faculty of Mathematics. As a silver recipient, Priyank will receive $1,000.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

PhD candidate Anastasia Kuzminykh looks into why it’s so hard to pay attention during video conferences

photo of Anastasia Kuzminykh

As global COVID-19 lockdowns have us sitting through days of video conferences, it becomes clear that paying attention online is hard work.

In two new papers, researchers from the Cheriton School of Computer Science and Microsoft Research explore people’s attentiveness in video conferences to understand how to make the online meetings more comfortable and effective.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Computer science student Shivam Sharma, creator of Reflect, wins Concept $5K pitch competition

photo of Shivam Sharma

The University of Waterloo’s first-ever virtual Concept $5K competition challenged entrepreneurs to pitch to an online audience instead of a packed auditorium. Confident in the value of their creation, the founders of Reflect rose to the occasion and walked away with $5,000 to invest in their growing business.

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