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Professor Craig Kaplan’s 3D printed kippah part of new Museum of Modern Art exhibit

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New York’s Museum of Modern Art in midtown Manhattan is exhibiting its first fashion-only show in more than seven decades, recounting the stories behind the garments and accessories that have formed the foundation of how we dress today.

Items: Is Fashion Modern? explores the past, present and future of 111 items that have made a lasting impact on history and society throughout the 20th century into modern times.

Among the items on display is a 3D-printed kippah, created by Professor Craig Kaplan, a member of the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science’s Computer Graphics Lab. His 3D print is part of a selection of innovative kippot of different kinds. Also known as a skullcap or yarmulke, a kippah (plural, kippot) is a small headcovering that is a traditional part of the Jewish wardrobe.

picture of Craig Kaplan wearing 3D-printed kippah

Kaplan wearing the 3D-printed kippah he created.

Kaplan created the kippah using laser-sintered nylon as construction material. He studies the use of computer graphics in art, ornament and design and his interests extend to nonphotorealistic rendering.

The exhibit features many well-known and transformative articles of clothing, from Levi’s 501 jeans, the Casio watch and the Breton shirt to the little black dress, sari and kippah.

Items: Is Fashion Modern? is on display at the Museum of Modern Art until January 28, 2018.