Welcome to the BBA/BCS program,Robin Cohen, Founding Director of the BBA/BCS Double Degree program
a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to obtain two degrees in two fascinating and practical fields of study with courses from two outstanding universities. This co-op only program offers students as well the opportunity to participate in today's workforce, to experience the application of their studies in computer science and in business administration.
Computers are in the middle of any economic transaction these days. Some of the higher level computer technology that you may learn about in your BCS computer science courses that is changing the face of business today includes:
  • data mining and pattern discovery, to enable real-time changes in business models and products and to facilitate improved business decision making;
  • models to enact privacy and security of information to support such uses as customized online advertising;
  • sophisticated interfaces to promote collaborative computing, allowing for multi-authored business documents;
  • distributed computing platforms and models for wireless computing that enable access at any time to any device to promote effective business teamwork;
  • creating intelligent software agents to represent human organizations in electronic marketplaces, leading to more effective business contracts;
  • understanding the social implications and ethical challenges introduced in the face of growing technology in the workplace.
Whether you are focused on learning about business administration, desiring in-depth knowledge of the computer science that will arise in your organization or you are focused on computer science, desiring in-depth knowledge of how to project that discipline into today's technological workplace, the BBA/BCS program will offer an exciting opportunity to emerge with a wealth of experience, as you look towards a future beyond the undergraduate degree.
Robin Cohen
Founding Director, BBA/BCS program