All courses offered in Fall 2022 will be delivered in-person (unless historically offered online).

For delivery method and date and time of offer please look at the schedule of classes.

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Recommended Background


Course Number

Course Title

Jesse Hoey  

Artificial Intelligence                 (

COGSCI 600 Cognitive Science
Prabhakar Radge  This course is only for STAT graduate students  in the MDSAI program.   CS 600 Fundamentals of Computer Science for Data Science
Dan Holtby     CS 631 Data-Intensive Dist. Analytics
Tamer Ozsu     CS 638 Principles of Data Mgmt & Use
Joanne Atlee   Software Engineering CS 645 Software Req Specif & Analysis
Daniel Vogel   Graphics and User Interfaces CS 649 Human-Computer Interaction
Dan Holtby   Hardware and Software Systems CS 651 Data-Intensive Distrib Computing
Martin Karsten   Hardware and Software Systems CS 652 Real-Time Programming
Khuzaima Daudjee   Hardware and Software Systems CS 654 Distributed Systems
Samer Al Kiswany   Hardware and Software Systems CS 656 Computer Networks
Yousra Aafer & Simon Oya Diez   Hardware and Software Systems CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
Therese Biedl & Rafael Oliveira   Algorithms and Complexity CS 666 Algorithm Design & Analysis
Yaoliang Yu   Computational Statistics CS 680 Intro to Machine Learning
Yuri Boykov   Artificial Intelligence CS 684 Computational Vision
Shai Ben-David   Computational Statistics CS 685 Machine Learning
Blake Paul Allen Vanberlo   Artificial Intelligence CS 686 Intro Artificial Intelligence
Stephan Mann   Graphics and User Interfaces CS 688 Intro to Computer Graphics
Anna Lubiw   Algorithms and Complexity CS 763 Computational Geometry
Richard Cleve    Quantum Information and Computation CS 768 Quantum Information Processing
Hans De Sterck   Scientific and Symbolic Computing CS 770 Numerical Analysis
Yaoliang Yu

Linear algebra; some prior exposure to optimization and machine learning would be great.

Computational Statistics or Scientific and Symbolic Computing CS 794 Optimization for Data Science
Walaa Moursi    Algorithms and Complexity CS 795 Fundamentals of Optimization
Mostafa Ammar A previous introductory networking course which could have been taken anywhere and does not have to be recent Hardware and Software Systems CS 798

Advanced Research Topics: Modern Network Protocols and Applications

Stephen Watt Taken an undergraduate course in programming languages or compiler design Programming Languages CS 842 Advanced Topics in Language Design and Implementation
Chengnian Sun   Software Engineering CS 846 Advanced Topics in Software Testing and Debug
Paulo Alencar   Software Engineering CS 846

Software Engineering for Big Data & AI

Jimmy Lin   Databases CS 848 Art & Science of Empirical CS
Semih Salihoglu   Databases CS 848 Knowledge Graphs
Tim Brecht   Hardware and Software Systems CS 854 Advanced Topic in Computer Systems
Urs Hengartner  

Hardware and Software Systems

CS 858

User Authentication

Meng Xu Open background Hardware and Software Systems CS 858

Offensive and Defensive Approaches to Software Security

Hongyang Zhang

An undergraduate-level knowledge on machine learning and optimization

Algorithms and Complexity CS 858 Security and Privacy of Machine Learning
Gautam C. Kamath An undergraduate understanding of algorithms, comfort with probability, and mathematical maturity Algorithms and Complexity CS 860 Algorithms-Privt Data Analysis (#33)
Rafael Oliveira   Algorithms and Complexity CS 860 Computational Complexity Theory

Pascal Poupart


Computational Statistics

CS 885

Reinforcement Learning