This page allows viewing of all class schedules for University of Waterloo courses.

Important information about using this form:

  • Result pages are bookmarkable and linkable. You may bookmark or make links from other pages to your favourite results.
  • Information for recent terms is twice every hour from 08:00 to 20:00. Older terms are not updated.
  • For course numbers, note that “.” matches any character, square brackets match indicated set. For example, “1[23].” selects any course with a 1 followed by a 2 or 3, followed by one more character. Also, “^2” matches any course that begins with a 2. Leaving the course field blank selects all courses for the term, level, and subject.
  • Future term schedules may be preliminary and subject to change. This is indicated by “PRELIMINARY” in the term dropdown. Please do not rely on information for these terms.

This form is a more useable interface to the Schedule of Classes (graduate and undergraduate) provided by the Registrar‘s Office. At present it is optimized for use by people in the Math Faculty and in particular CS by the organization of the “Subject” input.

Frequent users of this form may be interested in the expert version.

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