Web Development

This is the starting point for web development on web servers supporting CSCF's implementation of the UW Common Look and Feel (CLF).

CMS Conversion

Sometime around Spring 2012 we will be migrating our websites into Drupal. This will also upgrade them to a new version of the Common Look-and-Feel (CLF). I have collected the most important information about the CMS conversion for web authors.

Old CLF Template

With the above-noted CMS conversion, this will be obsolete sometime in 2012. Until the conversion takes place, however, this is still current.

You can download the template from the web or see what it looks like in your browser. It is also available through the Unix filesystem from any core.cs machine at /software/wwwdata_cs.uwaterloo.ca/data/vhosts/cs/cscf/web/template.shtml.

New files should start from a copy of this template. One way to do this is to copy and paste the downloaded template's contents into a blank file. If you always create files this way they will automatically display the CLF without any further effort.

How To

Our new web servers will run Apache 2.2. Extensive information is available from the Apache documentation; however, there are some details that are specific to our installations. The Web Development Howto is meant to provide the extra information you need.

Menu Editor

The menus at the left hand side are generated from a .htmenu file in each directory. Please take a look at existing .htmenu files to see what they should look like. You may contact your CSCF PoC or email cs-webmaster@cs.uwaterloo.ca if you need any additional assistance.

HTML Examples

Several HTML examples are available.

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