photo of Professor Stephen M. Watt
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DC 3621


  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Waterloo (1986) 
  • MMath, Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo (1981) 
  • BSc, Hon. Mathematics and Hon. Physics, University of New Brunswick (1979)

Research interests

To make computers handle mathematics intelligently. This work has centered on the following key questions:

  • Programming Languages: What language ideas and technology can improve mathematical software?
  • Algorithms and Domains: How can we expand the areas amenable to effective symbolic computation?
  • Interfaces: How should computer algebra systems interact with each other and other software?
  • Knowledge Management: How to organize and query the world’s mathematical knowledge?
  • Collaboration: What software solutions can enhance mathematical collaboration, including mathematical handwriting recognition?
  • On-line STEM Education: How can mathematically sophisticated software improve learning of STEM subjects?


Stephen M. Watt publications