Instructor          Required background Area    Number     Course title and topic                                                                      
TBA   SE CS 646

Software Design and Architectures

TBA   H/S Syst CS 652 Real-Time Programming
TBA   H/S Syst CS 654 Distributed Systems
TBA   H/S Syst CS 656 Computer Networks
TBA   H/S Syst CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
TBA   AI CS 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
TBA   Graphics/UI CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
T. Biedl Lots of exposure to graph algorithms, comfortable creating mathematical proofs ALG CS 762 Graph-Theoretic Algorithms
C. DiMarco Open background AI/HCI/HI CS 798 Advanced Special Topics in Computer Science: Games for Health
G. Richards Open background


CS 842 Type Systems
D. Berry CS445, CS645, or an equivalent course or have industrial experience SE CS 846 Advanced Topics in Requirements Engineering
M. Godfrey Undergraduate systems/programming background
SE CS 846 Topics in Empirical Software Evolution
J. Orchard Basic calculus, and some basic knowledge in scientific computing or numerical analysis. Comfortable writing programs in Python. Sci and Symb CS 870 Neural Networks
M. Li CS 485 or equivalent knowledge of machine learning, Python AI CS 898 Deep Learning and its applications