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Instructor          Area    Number     Course title and topic                                                                      
V. Sakhnini Software Engineering CS 646 Software Design and Architectures
E. Lank Graphics and User Interfaces CS 649 Human-Computer Interaction
W. Cowan Hardware and Software Systems CS 652 Real-Time Programming
TBA Hardware and Software Systems CS 654 Distributed Systems
TBA Hardware and Software Systems CS 656 Computer Networks
D. Stinson/ E.Atwater Hardware and Software Systems CS 658 Computer Security and Privacy
Petrick, Mark Algorithms and Complexity CS 666 Algorithm Design and Analysis
P. Poupart Scientific and Symbolic Computing CS 675 Computational Linear Algebra
P. Van Beek Artificial Intelligence CS 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
G. Baranoski Graphics and User Interfaces CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
D. Stinston Hardware and Software Systems CS 758 Cryptography/Network Security
R. Cohen Artificial Intelligence CS 785 Intelligent Computer Interfaces
G. Baranoski Graphics / Sci Com CS 798 Advanced Special Topics in Computer Science: Advanced Applications - Monte Carlo Methods
Adv Apps - Monte Carlo MethodsD. Berry Software Engineering CS 846 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering; Electronic Publishing
D. Toman Databases CS 848 Advanced Topics in Data Bases; Topics in DB: main-memory data
TBA Quantum Information CS 867 Advanced Topics in Quantum Computing; Quantum Error Correction & Fault Tolerance
S. Ben-David Artificial Intelligence CS 886 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence; Theoretical Foundations of Clustering