Instructor          Area Required background  Number     Course title and topic                                                                      
P. Ragde TBA MMath Data Science CS 600

Fundamentals of Computer Science for Data Science

T. Ozsu TBA MMath Data Science or MMath Health Informatics. Not open to CS Grad students. CS 638 Principles of Data Management and Use
TBA SE TBA CS 645 Software Requirements Specification and Analysis
TBA Systems


CS 651 Data-Intensive Distributed Computing
TBA Systems TBA CS 656 Computer Networks
TBA Systems TBA CS 658

Computer Security and Privacy

TBA ALG TBA CS 666 Algorithm Design & Analysis
TBA Comp/Stat TBA 680 Introduction to Machine Learning

CS 684

Computational Vision
TBA AI TBA CS 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
TBA Graphics TBA CS 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
R. Cohen TBA TBA

CS 697

Graduate Research Skills Seminar
A. Lubiw ALG Algorithms (equivalent of CS 341) CS 763 Computational Geometry
J. Yard TBD   CS 768 Quantum Information Processing
S. Vavasis Comp/Stat Open Background, machine learning and linear algebra helpful CS 794 Optimization for Data Science
P. Ragde PL
Open background CS 798-001 Topic: Software Foundations
M. Grossman AI Open background CS 798 - 002 Topic: Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics and Policy
T. Brown Sys/AC Data structures, C/C++ systems programming; concurrent and parallel programming helpful CS 798-003 Topic: Multicore performance tuning and concurrent data structures
I. Munro ALG Data structures (CS 240); algorithms (CS 666) helpful but not necessary CS 840 Advanced Topics in Data Structures: Time and Space Efficiency
M. Nagappan SE Software development and software engineering CS 846 Topic: Empirical Software Engineering using Ultra Large Repositories
S. Salihoglu DB Introductory database systems and algorithms; advanced databases and distributed systems will help but not mandatory CS 848 - 001 Topic: Topics in Graph Data Management and Processing
K. Daudjee DB
Open Background
CS 848 - 002 Topic: Data Infrastructure
A. Mashtizadeh H/S Sys UG OS and/or computer architecture is recommended CS 850 A Historical Perspective on Operating Systems and Computer Architecture
T. Brecht H/S Sys Systems background, statistics and good communication skill recommended C 854 Topic: Empirical Performance Evaluation
I. Goldberg H/S Sys Open Background CS 858 Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Shalev Ben-David ALG Undergraduate algorithms/complexity CS 860 Topic: Complexity Theory
R.Cohen AI Background in AI is helpful but not mandatory CS 886 Trust and Online Social Networks
G. Casiez Graph Open Background CS 889 Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Experimental Methods in HCI