Instructor Area Number Title
B. Lushman PLG 642 Principles of Programming Languages
TBA SE 645 Software Requirements Specifications and Analysis
(ECE) SE 647 Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance
I. Ilyas DB 648 Database Systems Implementation
A. Morton H/S Syst 650 Computer Architecture
W. Cowan H/S Syst 652 Real-Time Programming
K. Daudjee H/S Syst 654 Distributed Systems
TBA H/S Syst 656 Computer Networks
U. Hengartner H/S Syst 658 Computer Security and Privacy
G. Richards ALG 662 Formal Languages and Parsing
J.Orchard Sci and Symb 673 Medical Image Processing (last offering)
P. Forsyth Sci and Symb 676 Numerical Computation for Financial Modelling
D. Brown Bioinf 682 Computational Techniques in Biological Sequence Analysis
K. Larson AI 686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
A. Storjohann Sci and Symb 687 Introduction to Symbolic Computation
G. Baranoski Graphics 688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
R. Trefler None 692 The Social Implications of Computing
E. Blais ALG 698-1 Introductory Research Topics: Complexity of Computational Problems
J. Lin DB 698-2 Introductory Research Topics: Big Data Infrastructure
R. Mann AI 698-3 Introductory Research Topics: Computational Audio
S. Mann Sci Com 779 Splines and their Uses in Computer Graphics
H. Chen Health Inf 792 (PDF) Data Structures and Standards in Health Informatics
M. Godfrey SE 846 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Software Evolution and Empirical Engineering   VIDEO
I. Ilyas DB 848 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: Big Data Quality
M. Karsten H/S Syst 854 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Experimental Operating Systems Techniques
E. Blais ALG 860-1 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Topic TBA
T. Chan ALG 860-2 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity: Geometric Data Structures
R. Cohen AI 886-1 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Trust and Online Social Networks
J. Hoey AI/Graphics 886-2 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Affective Computing VIDEO
C. Batty Graphics 888 Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics: Physics-Based Animation
G. Baranoski AI/Graphics/Sci Symb 898 Advanced Special Topics in Computer Science: On the Synergy Between CS and Biology