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Although the University of Waterloo is closed for in-person events until further notice, many virtual events and presentations of interest to computer scientists are taking place each week at the Cheriton School of Computer Science. Please check out what our students and faculty are doing.

Distinguished Lecture Series videos

Distinguished Lecture Series

The Cheriton School of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Waterloo annually showcases a handful of outstanding thinkers in the field of computer science, giving them a forum to present their views and ideas to students, faculty, and the interested public.

Watch previous Distinguished Lectures on YouTube

Barbara Listkov • June 13, 2019
Multicore Programming
(Barbara Liskov's lecture begins at 6:00 and runs until 42:30)

Shafi Goldwasser • June 13, 2019
Cryptography for Safe Machine Learning
(Shafi Goldwasser's lecture begins at 46:30 and runs until 1:42:25)

Margo Seltzer • May 7, 2019
Systems Research — Construed Broadly

Vitalik Buterin • March 25, 2019
Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains: Combining Mechanism Design and Computation

Donald Knuth • October 31, 2018
All Questions Answered

Joe Mitchell • May 23, 2018
Fun with Geometric Optimization: Visitation, Visibility, and Variations

Jennifer Widom • March 26, 2018
Magic Moments in Research and Teaching

Jeff Ullman • October 30, 2017
Data Science: Is it Real?

James Demmel • October 12, 2017
Algorithms for Linear Algebra and Beyond

Silvio Micali • June 13, 2017
ALGORAND, A New Public Ledger

Eric Horvitz • April 28, 2017
The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence: An Enduring Study on AI and its Influence on People and Society

Eric Horvitz • April 27, 2017
Data, Predictions and Decisions in Support of People and Society

Daniel Alan Spielman • March 23, 2017
The Laplacian Matrices of Graphs: Algorithms and Applications

Ophir Frieder • October 20, 2016
Searching in Harsh Environments 

Gail Murphy • October 4, 2016
Human-Centric Software Development Tools

Tony Chan • October 7, 2015
Image Processing and Computational Mathematics

Mike Stonebraker • September 14, 2015
The Land Sharks are on the Squawk Box (How Riding a Bicycle across America and Building Postgres Have a Lot in Common)

Leslie Pack Kaelbling • February 5, 2015
Making Robots Behave

Deborah Estrin • June 23, 2014
Small, n=me, data

Maria Klawe • November 8, 2013
From 10% to 40% Female CS Majors: The Harvey Mudd College Story

Frans Kaashoek • June 11, 2013
The Multicore Evolution and Operating Systems

Jennifer Chayes • November 14, 2012
The Power of Locality for Network Algorithms

Hector Levesque • November 7, 2012
Two Thoughts on the Turing Test

Ed Lazowska • October 13, 2011
Computer Science: Past, Present, and Future

Saul Greenberg • September 21, 2011
Proxemic Interactions: the New Ubicomp

Madhu Sudan • October 14, 2010
Towards Universal Semantic Communication

Eric Brewer • September 17, 2008
Technology Research for Developing Regions

Anne Condon • November 19, 2008
Computational Challenges and Opportunities in RNA Secondary Structure Prediction