Distinguished Lecture Series videos

Distinguished Lecture Series

The Cheriton School of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Waterloo annually showcases a handful of outstanding thinkers in the field of computer science, giving them a forum to present their views and ideas to students, faculty, and the interested public.

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Joe Mitchell • May 23, 2018
Fun with Geometric Optimization: Visitation, Visibility, and Variations

Jennifer Widom • March 26, 2018
Magic Moments in Research and Teaching

Jeff Ullman • October 30, 2017
Data Science: Is it Real?

James Demmel • October 12, 2017
Algorithms for Linear Algebra and Beyond

Silvio Micali • June 13, 2017
ALGORAND, A New Public Ledger

Eric Horvitz • April 28, 2017
The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence: An Enduring Study on AI and its Influence on People and Society

Eric Horvitz • April 27, 2017
Data, Predictions and Decisions in Support of People and Society

Daniel Alan Spielman • March 23, 2017
The Laplacian Matrices of Graphs: Algorithms and Applications

Ophir Frieder • October 20, 2016
Searching in Harsh Environments 

Gail Murphy • October 4, 2016
Human-Centric Software Development Tools

Tony Chan • October 7, 2015
Image Processing and Computational Mathematics

Mike Stonebraker • September 14, 2015
The Land Sharks are on the Squawk Box (How Riding a Bicycle across America and Building Postgres Have a Lot in Common)

Leslie Pack Kaelbling • February 5, 2015
Making Robots Behave

Deborah Estrin • June 23, 2014
Small, n=me, data

Maria Klawe • November 8, 2013
From 10% to 40% Female CS Majors: The Harvey Mudd College Story

Frans Kaashoek • June 11, 2013
The Multicore Evolution and Operating Systems

Jennifer Chayes • November 14, 2012
The Power of Locality for Network Algorithms

Hector Levesque • November 7, 2012
Two Thoughts on the Turing Test

Ed Lazowska • October 13, 2011
Computer Science: Past, Present, and Future

Saul Greenberg • September 21, 2011
Proxemic Interactions: the New Ubicomp

Madhu Sudan • October 14, 2010
Towards Universal Semantic Communication

Eric Brewer • September 17, 2008
Technology Research for Developing Regions

Anne Condon • November 19, 2008
Computational Challenges and Opportunities in RNA Secondary Structure Prediction