Instructor Area Recommended background Number Course title
TBA PLG   642 Principles of Programming Languages
TBA PLG   644 Compiler Construction
TBA SE   645 Software Requirements Specification and Analysis
TBA SE   646 Software Design, Architectures
ECE SE   647 Software Testing/Qual Assur/Maint
TBA DB   648 Database System Implementation
TBA Systems   650 Computer Architecture
TBA Systems   652 Real-Time Programming
TBA Systems   654 Distributed Systems
TBA Systems   656 Computer Networks
TBA Systems   658 Computer Security and Privacy
TBA Algorithms   662 Formal Languages and Parsing
TBA SciCom   676 Numeric Compilation for Financial Modeling
TBA Bioinformatics   682 Computational Techniques in Biological Sequence Analysis
TBA AI   686 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
TBA SciCom   687 Introduction to Symbolic Computation
TBA Graphics   688 Introduction to Computer Graphics
R. Mann AI   698-1 Introductory Research Topics: Computational Audio
P. Poupart Computational Statistics   698-2 Introductory Research Topics: Machine Learning
J. Lin DB   698-3 Introductory research Topics: Big Data Infrastructure
C. DiMarco AI   698-4 Rhetoric, Argument and Machines
TBA Sci/Symb   778 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
H. Chen HI Open background. 792 Data Structures and Standards
L.C. Lau Algorithms

UG Linear Algebra, Probability and (multivariate) calculus

798-1 Advanced Research Topics: Convexity and Optimization
S. Al-Kiswany Systems   798-2 Advanced research Topics: Advanced Distributed Systems
M. Naggapan SE Nominal systems/programming background from undergraduate degree 846 Adv Topics in SE: Empirical SE using Ultra Large repositories
I. Ilyas DB Undergraduate level DB course 848 Adv Topics in Databases: New Generation Data Integration Systems
R. Boutaba Systems Open background 856 Adv Topics in Distributed Computing: Software Defined Cloud/Network VIDEO
J. Shallit ALG Knowledge of undergraduate combinatorics, algebra, and number theory 860 Adv Topics in Algprithms & Complexity: Automatic Sequences
J. Watrous Quantum Quantum Information Theory 867 Adv Topics in Quantum Computing: Semidefinite Programming in Quantum Information
J. Hoey AI / Graphics Open background 886 Adv Topics in Artificial intelligence: Affective Computing VIDEO
D. Vogel HCI Open background 889 Adv Topics in HCI: Applied Computer Vision for Human-Computer interaction
G. Baranoski AI/Graphics/Sci Open backgound 898-1 Adv Special Topics in CS: On the Synergy Between CS and Biology
R. Cohen No area Open background 898-2 Adv Special Topics in CS: Technological Solutions for Social Problems of Computers