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Welcome to the CS 245 Resources Page! For now, this site is a quick one stop access to videos and content I have made for CS 245 at the University of Waterloo. This course is an first course in logic for computer science students. If you find any errors, please email me at cbruni@uwaterloo.ca.


All the best and happy learning!

Carmen Bruni


Lecture and Learning Outcomes.


Learning Outcomes (Special thanks to Alice Gao for creating these!)


Workbook Exercises Again special thanks to Alice Gao for these!


Lectures for the course:
This is mentioned in every single file, but I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the plethora of people who made these slides possible. This list includes the original authors (in most cases) Jonathan Buss and Borzoo Bonakdarpour along with the work of Lila Kari, Anna Lubiw and Steve Wolfman with thanks to Alice Gao, Daniela Maftuleac, Collin Roberts, Ryan Trefler, and Peter Van Beek.


Fall 2018 Lectures (This will be updated throughout the term! Do not batch download everything!):


Spring 2018 Lectures:


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