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Monday, December 28, 2009
Last Blog Post (on this blog)
Well, it's the end of an era... It's often quoted that over 95% of blogs are simply abandoned, and I'm really not surprised.

For me, it's an external pressure... Blogger (really it's Google) have decided to discontinue service for blogs that are hosted via FTP (like this one is) and so there are only a few months left.

My only option is to do some kind of migration... either to blogspot or to another host or to find a service that supports ftp... and quite frankly any solution involving migration is going to be a pain, and I might as well just make a clean break and start a new blog.

I still have lots to say, and my blog will continue in some form or another... possibly via facebook or through blogger again... maybe I'll do more fancier google sharing... who knows...

I'll probably pick back up again when my Ph.D. is all wrapped next summer and my own personal 'new era' begins. No matter what you'll be able to follow me at dTompkins.com.

I've been blogging here for over eight years (plus one more year in a previous incarnation). This is blog post number 542 of this one, and I've always tried to do at least one a month during that time. Whatever happens, I'll leave this blog here for prosperity.

The End (for now).