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Friday, November 29, 2002
If you read Savage Love -- or even if you don't -- you should support magicwand4katie.com.
Thursday, November 28, 2002
Someone had told me about the 3 guys who rigged a horse race, but they didn't know the details. I finally looked it up and I was able to read the police report in The Smoking Gun.
Okay, so first there was www.savekaryn.com where Karyn got herself in $20k of debt, started a web campaign, yada yada yada... she's out of debt. But now there is a website for two girls to get breast augmentations.
Wednesday, November 27, 2002
So it's no big secret I'm a fan of Disco. In 1994 I saw the Village People live -- it wasn't the entire original lineup -- there were some new faces in there, but the original motorcycle dude was there... and one of my biggest claims to fame is that he leaned down to me in the front row and gave me one of those "let's have sex" handshakes with the wiggling middle finger. I'm not gay, so it was NOT going to happen -- but it was still very flattering and an awesome story. I never thought I could top that, until...

Last night I saw Boney M. (Rasputin) Live -- okay, so it wasn't the real Boney M. -- it was just the main "singer" Bobby Farrell [picture stolen from here] with three new (young) female backup singers. So Bobby didn't really sing on the records -- but he was the dancing front man and the "face" of Boney M. for many years -- many purists insist that Liz Mitchell is the true voice of Boney M. (she's the only one legally allowed to call herself Boney M in Germany) and it was kind of cheezy how the backup singers were lip-syncing some of her lyrics -- but the concert was still a blast and I really didn't care. At the end of the concert they played a melody mix and brought a bunch of people up on stage -- it was really crowded but I did get to do my Rasputin dance for the 2 choruses alongside the backup singers. You would think that was the highlight of the night, but no... When Bobby was singing Daddy Cool, he strutted by, saw me cheering and singing along in the front row -- grabbed my hand, reached down and kissed me on the cheek. Unbelievable.
Monday, November 25, 2002
Crazy -- Punk Rock Aerobics.
So I'm back from the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, where my good friend Jerry Topolski got married. The resort was a lot of fun, including the Mexican version of Michael Jackson. Overall, the trip was good. I had some "issues" that I could have done without, but I can't really complain. I brought back a year's supply of Mezcal / Tequila.
Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Okay... Very cool site on Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests -- totally found by accident and totally appropriate for my trip to Mexico.
So it looks like Robbie the Reindeer is going to be "Americanized". Bah Humbug.
Tuesday, November 12, 2002
I would almost expect the books The Physics of Star Trek and The Science of Star Wars but I wasn't expecting it for Harry Potter. I'm curious to read it, but I'll wait for the paperback.
On my sister's visit, at the Taco Bell on the way to Whistler, a conversation came up about how The Bell is the only restaurant left in Demolition Man. It evolved into how the three sea shells is a great example of a writer putting in something completely rediculous, just for fun. Here is a good response on that subject from an old friend.
Here is a funny (mature) link about girls and video games
Wednesday, November 06, 2002
After discovering that the 25th anniversary of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash just passed, I decided to look up the Skynyrd timeline and FAQ.
Monday, November 04, 2002
So a woman I was on AMS council with is running for NDP Leader. Go Bev!
So the week-long extravaganza that was my birthday is over. -sigh-