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Thursday, August 23, 2007
My New Baby
Well, my sister may have gotten married, but I'm the one with a new baby. It's one pound and 11 ounces: my new notebook computer. It just arrived and I'm so in love with it. The 1920x1200 15.4 inch screen with Windows Vista looks rediculously good. It's so pretty I almost don't want to install software on it... almost. I'll probably spend several days configuring it 'just right'. For those of you curious, it's a ThinkPad T61p (model 646067U).
Sunday, August 19, 2007
My Sister's Wedding
Tina Wardle and her big brother Dave Tompkins So yesterday my sister Tina got married to Barry Wardle. Everything went pretty good from the ceremony to the reception. I was the Master of Ceremonies and got in a few short jokes at the bride & groom's expense. It had been a while since I had attended a wedding where I wasn't the DJ -- he played some odd choices but a few of my requests, so I can't complain. As an engagement present I got them a website: www.tinaandbarry.com where we will post some pictures. Congratulations Tina!
Monday, August 06, 2007
Vestax VCI-100
For those of you curious about what I've been doing with the poker winnings, it's been mostly boring stuff (paying off debt) but I did just buy myself a new DJ Toy: a
VESTAX VCI-100 along with Traktor Software. Lots of fun. Whee!