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Sunday, July 05, 2009
Google Apps migration + new email
It all started when my old Nokia phone died. I then picked up a new Google Android HTC Dream phone, which triggered a decision to migrate all of my email over to Google Apps which meant I had to change my Domain Host, and then I had to migrate all my other google applications (such as my Reader Account), and yada yada... it's mostly done now. So it will change a bunch of things you probably won't care about, but 2 things you need to know are:

1) My new primary email is: dave [@at@] dtompkins.com

although all my other existing email addresses should work for the foreseeable future. Note that it doesn't look like a GMail account, but that's the beauty of Google Apps.

2) If you follow my Shared Items on Google Reader, it's now been moved to here [rss]. This should be the first posting on the new list and the last posting on the old list.