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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
So now according to Seagate D.A.V.E. stands for a Digital Audio Video Experience. There are other acronyms for DAVE out there too.

Because the student council elections are in full swing, I remember when I was campaigning I got put on the spot in a live radio interview to come up with an acronym for DAVE. I said: "Doesn't Advocate Verbose Explanations" which I thought was not bad given the circumstances.

I remember two other live radio questions that put me on the spot: I was asked if I had seen the movie "Showgirls" (Yes I had) and because it was black history month, I got asked how many people were charged for the murder of Malcom X. I had no idea (the answer is three) but I answered "Not enough" -- which they thought was a politically savvy response.
Friday, January 26, 2007
AC/DC Cover Bands
I'm a pumped about the AC/DC cover band coming to UBC next week -- not because I'm a mega-huge AC/DC fan, but because it sounds like a fun event. But what killed me was the large number of AC/DC cover bands that are out there... and some of the names are just awesome. For example: ThundHERstruck
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Dump Cupid
So a good friend of mine sells shampoo for a living and recently told me that when casting for their latest commercials I was his inspiration for selecting the Cupid for their Dump Cupid campaign. (You can actually see the videos better at You Tube) If you've seen me dance then, well, you'll enjoy the videos.
Sunday, January 14, 2007
Nerds in Love
Every hard-core nerd should know that there are FOUR Revenge of the Nerds movies, but Revenge of the Nerds III (The Next Generation) and IV (Nerds in Love) were made-for-TV-movies that were hard to find and previously unavailable on DVD. Well, FINALLY all four movies are coming to DVD, including a special edition of the first movie. This is easily the best DVD news of 2007.
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Gradbert 5.01 & 5.02
Well, it's a new year and it's been a month since my last blog entry -- I was caught between two extremes: I was far too busy to post anything in December, and I've been far too lazy to post anything in January. The December 28 deadline I was working toward wooshed by, and so I'm finally back to a somewhat steady state in my life.

It's been almost a year since I've done a Gradbert comic -- two new ones (5.01 & 5.02) have been posted. enjoy.