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Thursday, October 27, 2005
I bought a few tickets online for last night's Lotto 649 huge $50+ million draw (you can now get Lotto 649 tickets online [in BC] here) and then this morning I get this email:
Congratulations! You've won a PlayNow prize at bclc.com.

For reference, here are the details of your winning game purchase:

Game: Lotto 6/49

Ticket ID: 414605298L649

Buy date: 10/25/2005

Well I totally freak out, and then the stupid @%!@# website was down for half an hour. That was an exciting 30 minutes of financial fantasies I tell ya. Anyway, I won a lousy $5. I didn't even think you could win just $5 on 649.
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
So, I'm grabbing pictures for my November Horoscope, and I came across Leia's Metal Bikini. I also came across this awesome font site.
Sunday, October 23, 2005
I just want to document this so that in the future I can look back at my 'First'....

Yesterday I won my first 'Live' poker tournament of any significance. Not bad, considering I've only been in a handful (6-ish?) of Live tournaments -- not because I don't like them, but rather because I haven't had the time for them lately, and when I was playing a lot of poker it was before the explosion and tourneys were very rare.... Before now I had played in one WSOP super sattelite in 2000 (came in 8th -- won +$500), and one with a bounty in Vegas in 2000, and then 3-4 this year.

It was at the River rock casino here in Vancouver, and the buy in was $150 (+ $15 goes to the house)... They said that 166 people entered the tournament, but there were some empty seats, and the payout numbers reflect that there were only 125.

Top 5 paid out: $6563, 3000, 1875, 1313, 1031
Top 6-15 paid out: $844, $750, $609, $563, $516, $469, $375, $328, $281, $234

I won't bore you with a lot of details... All in all I was very proud of my solid play. I want to point out that I wasn't exceptionally lucky... I didn't hit a set all day... I never had AA or KK... I had QQ hold up, JJ busted, and had AQ busted 3 times. One of my AQ was especially bad... 2-3 hours into the tournament I was chip leader at my table and ran into the 2nd stack who had pocket 9's and more chips than I realized... flop was A92, and before I knew it I was all-in and down to 20% of the starting amount of chips...

Now, when it came down to 5 people it was already after 10pm (Tournament started at 12:30) and the other 4 guys were all big cash game players... they wanted to get to their cash game and I kinda wanted to go drinking (it was my friend Erik's birthday)... they were all pressuring me to make a deal (I was the chip leader by a factor of about 7:4). I eventually caved in and we split it as follows: 1st: (Me) $3400, 2nd-5th: $2500, tip for dealers: $382.

So there you have it. Ironically my Visa bill is right around $3500, but that didn't prevent me from dropping a couple of hundred last night at the bar. Cheers.
Sunday, October 16, 2005
I've finally gotten around to adding a new playlist section to my music website. So now I can do things like look at the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of all time and create my own playlist -- I have approx. 75% of the songs.
Saturday, October 15, 2005
Last night was really a "Blast from the past" night for me at Koerner's -- the Grad student pub on campus -- I bumped into two people I hadn't seen in a decade-ish.

First I bump into Paul Jago who I went to high school with... he was a rock star after high school and now he studies rocks. He was lead singer in The Gandharvas, and you grew up in Canada, you've probably heard their song First Day of Spring. Also, I found out that Paul's Dad will receive the Order of Canada (wow).

Then, I bumped into Kelly Foley who I knew from my student council days -- she was VP Education at Waterloo when I was President at Western. A quick google found this lame article on tenure that mentioned both Kelly and I.
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Well, with addition of Cinderella, you can finally own all 44 of the Disney Animated Masterpieces on DVD like me. However, some don't count The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh because it was three shorts (1 2 3) combined into one movie. There was an anti-Pooh Masterpiece site out there I wanted to link to, but I can't find it.