Current Activities: (Winter 2017)

I am currently the content maintainer for CS 136 & CS 100.

Future Activities:
Openness Policy:
This website is part of my ongoing commitment to improve my teaching and to be open and transparent about my teaching.

All of the raw teaching evaluation data (and the source to generate these web pages) is available online:
Random Evaluation:
You can view a random teaching evaluation.
Past Activities: (University of Waterloo)
Additional Details
2017 FallCS 135TBD(evaluations forthcoming), profQUOTES
2017 FallCS 135TBD(evaluations forthcoming)
2017 FallCS 100n/a(evaluations forthcoming)
2017 SpringCS 100n/acomments (evaluations forthcoming)
2017 WinterCS 13698evaluations, profQUOTES
2017 WinterCS 13698evaluations
2016 FallCS 13695evaluations, profQUOTES
2016 FallCS 13699evaluations
2016 FallCS 13696evaluations
2016 FallCS 100n/aevaluations
2016 SpringCS 100n/aevaluations
2016 WinterCS 13699evaluations, profQUOTES
2016 WinterCS 13698evaluations
2016 WinterCS 100n/aevaluations
2015 FallCS 13599evaluations, profQUOTES
2015 FallCS 13599evaluations
2015 FallCS 100n/aevaluations
2015 SpringCS 100n/aevaluations
2015 WinterCS 100n/aevaluations
2014 FallCS 13596evaluations, profQUOTES
2014 FallCS 13598evaluations
2014 FallCS 13596evaluations
2014 WinterCS 13698evaluations
2014 WinterCS 13698evaluations
2013 SpringCS 13693evaluations
2013 SpringCS 35095evaluations, memes, profQUOTES
2013 SpringCS 35094evaluations
2013 WinterCS 13697evaluations
2013 WinterCS 49097evaluations
2012 FallCS 13596evaluations
2012 FallCS 35097evaluations, memes
2012 SpringCS 35094evaluations, memes
2012 SpringCS 35091evaluations
2012 WinterCS 11596evaluations
2012 WinterCS 11593evaluations
2012 WinterCS 49090evaluations
2011 FallCS 11592evaluations
2011 FallCS 13592evaluations
Course Development
Term(s)CourseBrief Description
2016-17CS 100Redesign of CS 100
2013 SpringCS 136Redesign of the CS 136 course structure and lecture slides.
2013 WinterCS 490New textbook selection and "flipped" classroom redesign.
Past Activities: (University of British Columbia)
Course Development
TermCourseBrief Description
2011 WinterCPSC 101A review and analysis (part of the CWSEI).
2002 WinterEECE 467A complete redesign of the labs for new hardware.
Sessional Instructor
Additional Details
2011 SpringCPSC 12170evaluations, formula sheet
2010 FallCPSC 21184evaluations
2002 FallEECE 46789evaluations
2002 WinterEECE 46791evaluations
2001 FallEECE 46794evaluations
2001 WinterEECE 46796evaluations
2000 FallEECE 46790evaluations
2000 WinterEECE 46785evaluations
Teaching Assistant
Additional Details
2008 WinterCPSC 12196evaluations, handouts, lab
2007 WinterCPSC 12196evaluations
2006 FallCPSC 32089evaluations
2006 WinterCPSC 32097evaluations
2005 SpringCPSC 12194evaluations
2005 SpringCPSC 320n/acomments
2004 FallCPSC 32090evaluations
2004 WinterCPSC 220n/acomments
2003 FallEECE 466n/acomments
2003 SpringEECE 466n/acomments
1998 FallEECE 467n/acomments

"Effectiveness" Evaluation: average (mean) evaluation for the Overall Effectiveness question, normalized to 100. For example, on UW evaluations 'Excellent' is weighted 5 (100/00) and 'Very Poor' is weighted 1 (20/100). Similarly, on a 5-point Likert scale 'Strongly Agree' is 5 and 'Strongly Disagree' is 1.