Course Description:
CPSC 121: Models of Computation
Physical and mathematical structures of computation. Boolean algebra and combinations logic circuits; proof techniques; functions and sequential circuits; sets and relations; finite state machines; sequential instruction execution.
Dave's Comments:
This was the first time I had TA'd a 100-level course. It was a summer course, and so the pacing of the course was very fast... I was doing a tutorial for 4 days of the week. I seemed to be going through a lot of whiteboard markers that were always failing, and I was often tossing them around the room and into the garbage -- I made jokes about becoming a professional whiteboard marker tosser.

There was a lab component to the course, and near the end of the course the students were having a lot of trouble with a specific microprocessor simulator... that (quite frankly) was the Lab TA's responsibility and not mine... but I was still getting a lot of specific questions on individual microcode instructions that I couldn't answer, which is why I think my "Well Prepared" mark & comments were a little low. Overall, I enjoyed the course and the tutorials.
Teaching Evaluations:
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The teaching assistant was:
Well Prepared.
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Considerate of students.
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Easily Understood.
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An effective instructor.
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