Course Description:
CS 490: Information Systems Management
The integration of business and technical considerations in the design, implementation and management of information systems. Topics include: IS planning and development; business, management, executive, and strategic information systems, including case studies of selected large- scale systems; decision support systems; end-user training and development; systems security, disaster planning and recovery. Practical examples of information systems in industry.
Dave's Comments:
After my previous experience with 490, where I relied heavily on the flawed textbook, I spent several months researching and reading several textbooks. I finally selected an MBA textbook (Pearlson) that wasn't perfect, but it was a good read and had enough breadth to carry the course.

This was my first experiment with a truly "flipped" classroom. Each week they had to read a chapter, and then I had a quiz on the chapter material at the start of class on Tuesday (using clickers). I quickly realized that I needed to include some very specific details of the chapter in the quizzes to avoid students from being able to guess the answers. We would then have a list of discussion topics and have a very open and free-flowing discussion in class. For some of the chapters I strained to extend the material and discussion to the Thursday lecture, so by the end of the course I was introducing different material on Thursdays. Overall, I think the students were very happy with the experience, mostly because it was so different than all of their other courses.

Teaching Evaluations:
Number of Respondents: 21 / 25 (84%)
Characteristics of the Instructor:
Evaluate the organization and coherence of the lectures.
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery poorNo opinion
At what level were the instructor's explanations aimed?
Too highSomewhat too highJust rightSomewhat too lowToo lowNo opinion
Evaluate the instructor's treatment of students' questions.
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery poorNo opinion
Evaluate the effectiveness of the instructor's visual presentation (blackboard, overheads, etc.).
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery poorNo opinion
Evaluate the effectiveness of the instructor's oral presentation.
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery poorNo opinion
Was the instructor available for help outside of class?
AlwaysMost of the timeOften enoughNot often enoughNeverI did not seek help
Did you find the course interesting?
Very InterestingInterestingNot interestingNo opinion
Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the instructor as a teacher.
ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryVery poorNo opinion
Characteristics of the Course:
What proportion of lectures did you attend in this course?
90-100%75-90%50-75%25-50%< 25%
Was the assigned work (assignments, projects, etc.) helpful in learning the course content?
Very helpfulHelpfulNot helpfulNo work assignedNo opinion
Were the printed notes (if any) helpful in learning the course content?
Very helpfulHelpfulNot helpfulNo printed course notesNo opinion
Was the required textbook (if any) helpful in learning the course content?
Very helpfulHelpfulNot helpfulNo text requiredNo opinion
Did the course introduce an appropriate amount of new material?
Too muchSomewhat too muchOkaySomewhat too littleToo littleNo opinion
Was the amount of assigned work required for the course appropriate?
Too muchSomewhat too muchOkaySomewhat too littleToo littleNo opinion
On average, how many hours per week did you spend on this course outside of lectures?
0-2 hours3-6 hours7-10 hours11-15 hours> 15 hours
Note: This is a complete list of comments I received, listed alphabetically to avoid bias.
Please mention anything that you feel the instructor has done well in this course.
Please make constructive comments about anything in the instructor's technique or style that could, in your opinion, be improved.
What were the strong points of the course?
What were the weak points of the course?
Was the class atmosphere affected either positively or negatively by attitudes of the instructor or students, e.g., with respect to gender, race, ability, appearance? Please explain.
Any other comments, e.g., class size, suitability of room, noise level, etc.
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