Course Description:
CPSC 121: Models of Computation
Physical and mathematical structures of computation. Boolean algebra and combinations logic circuits; proof techniques; functions and sequential circuits; sets and relations; finite state machines; sequential instruction execution.
Dave's Comments:
I wasn't expecting to be TAing again but the department was short-handed, and so I was able to get in one last term. I was asked to develop a new lab for the course on regular expressions, and I found that to be a very rewarding experience. This year the instructors encouraged students to get 'participation marks' by handing in 3 questions each at the beginning of each tutorial. The primary intent was to get the students thinking about questions to ask, as I wasn't expected to answer them. I wasn't a big fan of this strategy, and it seemed a little futile at times. I would try to flip through the stack of questions on the spot and try to answer some in class, but I generally preferred to go through some prepared exercises and get to their questions only if I had time at the end. I encouraged students to come visit me in my hours at the learning centre if they had questions I couldn't get to in tutorial, but I think my inability to get to their questions in class frustrated some students, which is reflected in a few comments below. Except for the unusual class participation mark strategy I found it to be a very fun and rewarding term.
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An effective instructor.
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