Course Description:
CPSC 320: Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis
Systematic study of basic concepts and techniques in the design and analysis of algorithms, illustrated from various problem areas. Topics include: models of computation; choice of data structures; graph-theoretic, algebraic, and text processing algorithms.
Dave's Comments:
TAing 320 was a good experience for me -- Patrice was easy to work with and it was fun to see some of my 220 students a year later. I taught all 4 tutorial sections -- the Monday morning tutorial was small and often a little rough around the edges, but my tutorials got progressively better. I tried to make it interactive -- I'd rotate through to everyone in the class to answer questions. There were 2 texts for the class, and only one was made available to me, so sometimes my terminology differed from what was taught in class or in the other text. I also had back-to-back tutorials, which made me habitually late for one section. At the time, my website featured a prior student evaluation that said I was "fat, fast and funny!" -- which a few students re-quoted below.
Teaching Evaluations:
Number of Respondents: 44 / ???
The teaching assistant was:
Well Prepared.
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Considerate of students.
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Easily Understood.
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An effective instructor.
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