All services


Services relating to authentication, access, role-based provisioning, etc.

Research support on advanced applications.

Custom software development.

Audiovisual support for academic events in Computer Science

Audiovisual support for teaching and meeting rooms


Maintaining backup infrastructure, and offering tools for clients to backup and restore data


Communication, coordination, and collaboration tools and services to promote the creation and sharing of ideas and information.

Conferencing services  - audio/visual, remote, teleconferencing support.


Maintaining physical data centres, including planning and strategy for data centre management

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of databases

Requests for desktop machines, thin clients, laptops, and other computing equipment.

Support for desktop machines, thin clients, laptops, and other computing equipment


E-signage throughout the Davis Centre for the School of Computer Science.

Support for email services on campus.

Removing broken and damaged computing equipment

Loans of computing equipment

Advice and purchasing support for computing equipment.


Front-line support for any Information Technology needs in Computer Science.


A collection of machines meant to support general-purpose computing, available to all faculty, staff and grad students.

A collection of hosts meant to support the computing requirements of CS courses.


Monitoring Information Technology systems and services


Network access via wired or wireless network within the School of Computer Science

Back-end technology and services for server storage, database backups, general-use home directories, etc.


Technical aspects of onboarding for new faculty, staff, postdocs, visitors, and students.

Online course development


Project portfolio management and project management services

Support for printing within Computer Science


Information Technology requirements for planning and implementing space renovations in Computer Science

Administrative reporting and analytics, primarily by request.

Advice and guidance on submitting proposals and using research grants to pay for computing and information technology

Services to support research lab equipment and resources.


Services to provide a secure computing environment for end users. Includes network security, system security, application security, etc.

Security consultative services, training, education, etc.

Services that respond to, remediate, and seek to prevent security incidents

Provisioning, hosting, and administration of servers, physical and virtual

Maintaining software repositories, and software installation.

Specialized server support to meet research requirements, including clusters, Hadoop, graphics processing unit (GPU) computing


Computer Science undergraduate teaching labs

Services that support teaching: assignments, exam submission and marking, teaching evaluations, etc.

Advice and guidance on Information Technology


Infrastructure for websites and web services, as well as consulting on web technologies.