Computer Science Computing Facility staff participate in many Faculty and University Information Technology (IT) committees. The following is a list of these.

University Committee on Information Systems and Technology (UCIST)

University Committee on Information Systems & Technology (UCIST) serves as a co-ordinating body for computing on campus, and has representation from each of the faculties (the Associate Dean, Computing) and the major academic-support areas (the Associate Vice-President, Academic; Associate Provost, students; University Librarian, and Executive Director, Co-operative Education). The Associate Dean of Computing in the Faculty of Math sits on this committee.

Computing Technology and Services Committee (CTSC)

The CTSC provides advice to the Associate Provost, Information Systems & Technology and UCIST on the planning, design, implementation and operation of IT technologies at the University of Waterloo. CTSC makes recommendations to UCIST in these areas and initiates IT investigative projects of campus interest. Recommendations to the Provost on long term campus IT strategy rests with UCIST. Our current representative is David Gawley.

Campus Network Services Committee (CNSC)

To facilitate communication between Information Systems and Technology (IST) and faculty and departmental IT staff to: ensure users are aware of, and make effective use of, current network services. Ensure network services evolve to reflect the future needs of the user community.

Web Advisory Committee (WAC)

The Web Advisory Committee (WAC) provides recommendations to and receives direction from the University's Web Steering Committee and UCIST (University Committee on Information Systems and Technology). It tracks evolving requirements and use of the Web and develops strategies for its ongoing evolution.

WatITIs Staff IT Conference

WatITis is a one day conference for those involved in IT planning, support and decision making at the University of Waterloo. It is an opportunity to see what others are doing on campus in information technology, to exchange ideas, and make new contacts. Our current representative is Edward Chrzanowski.